Flexitarianism is the next big trend

27 Jan

While not a strict vegetarian diet, a flexitarian diet is one which is plant-based, but which allows for meat consumption on occassion. According to an article in BeverageDaily.com, the Office of National Statistics in the UK revealed that over 1.2 million people in the UK consider themselves vegetarian and these numbers are expected to grow by 50% in the next two years. Currently, vegetarians and ‘meatless-Mondays’ are combining to make the average consumer more aware of their dietary consumption of meat and other animal products. Companies are already catching onto the trend: Classic Cuisine plans to unveil a line of vegetarian products to meet the growing demand from these consumers.

Flexitarianism will have a huge impact on food & beverage companies if it catches on. Food & beverage companies will need to come up with new ways to provide alternatives to meat and dairy products, while also providing a great tasting product. This may be no easy feat, but if food & beverage companies begin developing flexitarian products now, they will be more likely to thrive once this trend is actualized.

To learn more about this trend, read the article from Beverage Daily.


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