SodaStream to Partner with Welch’s

3 Feb

SodaStream, the popular at-home soda kit, is going through a rough period, to say the least. As Forbes reported on January 13th, the company share’s have lost more than 20 percent after the company announced its 2013 earnings. Since January 13th, the company’s shares have dropped even more. Additionally, SodaStream’s proposed Super Bowl ad was rejected. The original ad, according to USA Today, featured actress Scarlett Johansson saying “sorry, Coke and Pepsi.” Daniel Birnbaum, the CEO of SodaStream, believes that the act likely stems from the Pepsi’s partnership with Fox, the station which is hosting the Super Bowl.

Despite these setbacks to the company, SodaStream has recently announced its partnership with Welch Foods Inc., the grape juice company. According to BevNet, Welch’s will develop a line of sparkling juice concentrates that can be used exclusively with SodaStream’s carbonation device. According to Welch’s CEO and President, Brad Irwin, “This is a great opportunity to bring the goodness of Welch’s to more consumers in a fun and innovative way.” The Welch’s products are expected to be released in late 2014. To learn more, read this BevNet article. 







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